Finest Wine NOT From a Vine, Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, 375ml
    Close Finest Wine NOT From a Vine, Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, 375ml

    Finest Wine NOT From a Vine, Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, 375ml

    Small Batch 100% Pure Maple Syrup
    Harvest & Produced in Southern Vermont

    Why is Shearer Hill Farm sugarhouse pure Vermont maple syrup unique? Because their 80-year old sugarhouse is rustic, but they wouldn't have it any other way. Sugarhouses throughout Vermont come in all shapes and sizes. Some are very old, and some are new, but we believe sugarhouses are best when they have that old-fashioned backwoods charm and you gotta hike through the woods and snow to get to the sugarhouse. That's part of the fun. No phones, radios or TVs, just good ol' conversation and the work at hand - boiling maple sap into delicious maple syrup. Sometimes they joke that the experience is like Gilligan's Island, with snow!

    Shearer Hill Farm's 375 ml champagne bottle is filled with 100% pure & natural Grade A Medium Amber (Amber Color and Rich Taste) or Grade A Dark Amber (Dark Amber Color and Robust Taste) syrup (depending on the season), and is available in limited quantities. But thanks to our friendship with the SHF owners, this select syrup is available to PIECES OF VERMONT customers.

    **Also available in 750ml bottle, Click here...

    grade A medium amber Grade A Medium Amber - Medium amber color with a more distinct maple bouquet and rich taste. Most popular for all-around use.

    Grade A Medium Amber grade is SOLD OUT for the 2014 season.

    grade B Dark Amber/Grade B - Often referred to as a cooking syrup, Grade B Syrup is a popular choice for those who enjoy a hearty, robust flavor. Grade B is also comparable to Grade A Dark Amber.

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    Please Note -

    More about Shearer Fill Farm - If you haven't experienced maple sugaring first hand, we have great news! If you stay at Shearer Hill Farm B&B in the spring, generally throughout March and sometimes into early April, you can join them for maple sugaring in their very own private sugarhouse. They're the only Vermont bed and breakfast that we know of with their own sugarhouse. Learn more...

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    Also Available - Have you seen our Seasonal Candles TRIO? Shearer Hill Farm owner Patti Pusey also makes the most delicious smelling clean burning soy Maple Syrup candle, Pumpkin Pie candle, and Vermont Pine scented candle. One for fall, one for Halloween & Thanksgiving, and one for the holidays. Click here for details.

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