PRIVATE RESERVE, Pure Grade B Maple Syrup, 750 ml wine bottle
    Close PRIVATE RESERVE, Pure Grade B Maple Syrup, 750 ml wine bottle

    PRIVATE RESERVE, Pure Grade B Maple Syrup, 750 ml wine bottle


    Occasionally our maple sugaring suppliers call us, very excited about the syrup they've just produced (during the spring sugaring season), that in their opinion is exceptional. You see, when you've been maple sugaring for decades, you know when you hit on an exceptional run. Most often this is Grade A: Dark Color with Robust Taste (formerly known as "Grade B") depending on the whether conditions for that region during the spring sugaring season.

    So, when we hear that a sugarer has produced a particularly tasty syrup, we buy some and set it aside. Then, after the fall foliage is well off the maple trees we bottle it for the holiday season. After all, during the holidays is the best time to enjoy the finer things in life!


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    Additional Maple Syrup Info. -

    Dark with Robust Taste News Update! Vermont has a new grading system. This syrup, that was formerly called "Grade A Dark Amber" or simply "Grade B" and has a substantial maple flavor, is now referred to as "Grade A: Dark Color with Robust Taste".

    Because our Grade B Maple Syrup (now referred to as "Dark with Robust Taste") sources are local, we can maintain strict control over the quality of the syrup. Our Grade B syrup is of course formaldehyde free, as is all Vermont maple syrup. The maple sap comes from maple trees in rural woodlots free of pesticides. The syrup contains no additives or preservatives and is produced by sugarers who take great pride in the quality of the syrup they produce.

    Please Note - PRIVATE RESERVE is only available from late October through December, and while supplies last. When we run out of stock, we'll be sure to post a note here.

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    Please Note -

    For a little extra we'll include a wooden gift crate. The wooden crate not only further protects the wine bottle during delivery, but it also adds a bit of nostalgic flare to the gift.

    You can include a gift message using the field to the right, or to the entire order during CHECKOUT.

    Recipe Tip - Did you know that pure maple syrup is not only amazing over crushed ice or a high quality vanilla ice cream, but it also can be sipped in snifters. Simply pour some into a small sauce pan and very gradually warm the syrup. Be very careful to NOT overheat the syrup. Then, once the syrup is warm... Well you know what to do!

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