MOO! Syrup, Pure & Natural Vermont Maple Syrup, 10 oz.
    Close MOO! Syrup, Pure & Natural Vermont Maple Syrup, 10 oz.

    MOO! Syrup, Pure & Natural Vermont Maple Syrup, 10 oz.

    The syrup bottle shaped like a milk bottle.

    We love the simple shape of this syrup bottle. Kids love it also. Reminiscent of an old-fashioned milk bottle with wide mouth top. The label also features a Jersey cow. Filled with either Grade A: Golden Color with Delicate Taste, Amber Color with Rich Taste, or Dark Color with Robust Taste (aka Grade B Maple Syrup), this unique bottle makes the perfect table syrup. Once the syrup is gone, then use the bottle as a handy little 10 oz. milk bottle. That's fun!

    *Shown filled with Grade A Amber syrup.


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    Additional Maple Syrup Info. -

    News Update! Vermont has a new grading system. Vermont Fancy, Grade A Medium Amber, and Grade B have all been renamed. The new grading system has evolved to provide a more accurate description based on consumer preference.

    fancy grade Grade A: Golden Color with Delicate Taste - Formerly known as "Vermont Fancy" or simply "Fancy" this syrup grade has a light golden amber color with delicate maple bouquet. Delightfully mild maple flavor, excellent on ice cream or on food which permits its subtle flavor to be appreciated - a gourmet choice, and the preferred grade for candies and other maple specialties.

    medium amber grade Grade A: Amber Color with Rich Taste - Formerly known as "Grade A Medium Amber" or simply "Medium Amber" this syrup grade is the one offered the most throughout Vermont stores because it's the middle of the road maple flavor - not too delicate nor overly robust. Choose this syrup grade when you're not sure.

    grade B maple syrup Grade A: Dark Color with Robust Taste - Formerly known as "Grade B Maple Syrup" or simply "Grade B" this grade is often used as a cooking syrup and a popular choice for those who enjoy a hearty, robust flavor.

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    Recipe Tip - Everyone knows that eating salads is a good way to manage your weight, but after a while salads can get boring. That is unless you serve up a Maple Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad, made with pure Vermont Grade B syrup.

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