Plastic Easter Eggs with Hard Maple Candies Inside
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    Plastic Easter Eggs with Hard Maple Candies Inside

    Surprise! There's candy inside!

    New! We sell thousands of delicious hard maple candies every year. Individually packaged hard maple candies are outstanding! And no need to worry about shelf life, because unlike soft maple sugar candy, hard maple candy is non-perishable. Enjoy them at your leisure today, tomorrow and months from now. Now they're available as a wonderful Easter Egg gift - three candies to an egg! Each candy is made with approximately 30% pure maple syrup.

    Each candy measures 1" wide x 1" tall x 5/16" thick.
    1/4 (0.23 oz.) each. Three candies inside each plastic egg.

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    Egg Colors - We will pick the egg colors; yellow, blue, orange, green, or pink. If you want specific colors, please indicate so in the "Special Instructions" page during CHECKOUT and we will do our best to provide just those colors (depending on availability).

    Price: $0.79 each

    Additional Info. -

    Ingredients - maple syrup, glucose, sucrose. In otherwords - granulated sugar and corn syrup.

    Please Note: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children ages 5 and younger should not be given hard candies.1. For safety, we suggest that hard maple candies and sugar coated nuts (such as the ones sold on this website) not be given to children under the age of 6 and children 6 years and older should be supervised while eating hard candies or nuts.

    Source: 1.

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