Pure Grade B Maple Syrup, Quart Mason Jar (32 oz.) - Dark with Robust Taste
    Close Pure Grade B Maple Syrup, Quart Mason Jar (32 oz.) - Dark with Robust Taste

    Pure Grade B Maple Syrup, Quart Mason Jar (32 oz.) - Dark with Robust Taste

    100% Pure & Natural Vermont Maple Syrup
    Harvest & Produced in Northern Vermont

    Yes, shipping Grade B maple syrup in a glass mason jar is more expensive compared to a plastic jug, but we'll be the first to admit that though plastic is "convenient", there is WAY too much plastic in our landfills and oceans. So if at all possible... avoid plastic! Avoid plastic bags at the super market, and purchase the best sweetener in the world, maple, in glass containers. It's the right thing to do.

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    Our 100% pure & natural Vermont Grade B maple syrup is produced by a handful of small sugar houses located in Northern Vermont and then purchased by MAPLE CITY CANDY during the spring sugaring season. The syrup is stored in drums and poured into various containers as needed throughout the year (a common practice), and is also used in the making of pure maple sugar candy.


    Additional Maple Syrup Info. -

    Dark with Robust Taste News Update! Vermont has a new grading system. This syrup, that was formerly called "Grade A Dark Amber" or simply "Grade B" and has a substantial maple flavor, is now referred to as "Grade A: Dark Color with Robust Taste".

    Because our Grade B Maple Syrup (now referred to as "Dark with Robust Taste") sources are local, we can maintain strict control over the quality of the syrup. Our Grade B syrup is of course formaldehyde free, as is all Vermont maple syrup. The maple sap comes from maple trees in rural woodlots free of pesticides. The syrup contains no additives or preservatives and is produced by sugarers who take great pride in the quality of the syrup they produce.

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