Pure & Natural Vermont Maple Syrup, Quart Jug (32 oz.)
    Close Pure & Natural Vermont Maple Syrup, Quart Jug (32 oz.)

    Pure & Natural Vermont Maple Syrup, Quart Jug (32 oz.)

    Maple syrup is a wonderful, all natural gift!
    Harvest & Produced in Northern Vermont

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    This 100% pure & natural Vermont maple syrup is produced by sugar houses located in Northern Vermont, and purchased by MAPLE CITY CANDY during the spring sugaring season. The syrup is stored in drums and poured into various containers as needed (a common practice), and is of course free of contaminants with nothing added. Available in Vermont Fancy, Grade A Medium Amber, and Grade B.


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    Because our maple syrup sources are local, we can maintain strict control over the quality of the syrup. Our syrup is of course formaldehyde free, as is all Vermont maple syrup. The maple sap comes from maple trees in rural woodlots free of pesticides. The syrup contains no additives or preservatives and is produced by sugarers who take great pride in the quality of the syrup they produce. It is truly one of Mother Nature's sweetest gifts.

    Pure & Natural Maple Syrup contains naturally occurring minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. And, it’s a natural source of beneficial antioxidants that have been shown to help support the immune system, lower blood pressure, and prevent certain types of cancers. Pure Maple Syrup is believed by many to be more nutritious than other common sweeteners found on store shelves, and has been shown to have a healthy glycemic index (GI) number as low as 54.

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    Gift Ideas - If you're shipping maple syrup to a friend or family member, then combining this syrup jug with Maple Granola or another maple product makes for a nice 2-piece gift, but if you're hand delivering your syrup gift, then a holiday coffee blend from your local supermarket is a great way to go.

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