Pure Grade B Maple Syrup, Gallon Jug (128 oz.) - Dark with Robust Taste
    Close Pure Grade B Maple Syrup, Gallon Jug (128 oz.) - Dark with Robust Taste

    Pure Grade B Maple Syrup, Gallon Jug (128 oz.) - Dark with Robust Taste

    100% Pure & Natural Vermont Maple Syrup
    Harvest & Produced in Northern Vermont

    Native Americans first discovered the wonders of the sugar maple tree. Legend has it that North American Indian tribes would boil maple sap for cooking, and one day the sap was left on the fire too long and a delicious mistake occurred... the invention of maple syrup.

    Our 100% pure & natural Vermont Grade B maple syrup is produced by a handful of small sugar houses located in Northern Vermont and then purchased by MAPLE CITY CANDY during the spring sugaring season. The syrup is stored in drums and poured into various containers as needed throughout the year (a common practice), and is also used in the making of pure maple sugar candy.


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    Additional Maple Syrup Info. -

    Dark with Robust Taste News Update! Vermont has a new grading system. This syrup, that was formerly called "Grade A Dark Amber" or simply "Grade B" and has a substantial maple flavor, is now referred to as "Grade A: Dark Color with Robust Taste".

    Because our Grade B Maple Syrup (now referred to as "Dark with Robust Taste") sources are local, we can maintain strict control over the quality of the syrup. Our Grade B syrup is of course formaldehyde free, as is all Vermont maple syrup. The maple sap comes from maple trees in rural woodlots free of pesticides. The syrup contains no additives or preservatives and is produced by sugarers who take great pride in the quality of the syrup they produce.

    According to LiveStrong.com, "Researchers from the University of Rhode Island have found more than
    20 compounds in maple syrup that are associated with human health. Many of these antioxidant compounds are also believed to have anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and antibacterial properties." Read more...

    LiveStrong.com also reports that pure maple syrup has a low glycemic index (GI) of 54, as apposed to high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which some have reported a glycemic index as high as 87. Read more...

    Here's another article also reporting the disease-fighting antioxidants found in 100% pure maple syrup.

    The health benefits of pure maple syrup are clear, and perhaps that's why we've noticed that customers are requesting dark, robust Grade B syrup more often. Over the past several years Grade B maple syrup, with its robust maple flavor, has become the preferred syrup for buttermilk pancakes, cooking, and as an all round table syrup. Though admittedly more expensive then grocery store white sugar, we believe it's pretty clear that the health benefits of using maple syrup outweigh the cost.

    About the "Maple Syrup Diet/Master Cleanse" - We believe that good health results from eating the right foods, eating in moderation, and regular exercise. We do NOT believe in quick and "severe" diet or fasting programs. Pure maple syrup is certainly an ALL NATURAL sweetener that can be a part of a healthy eating life-style. But, if you are considering the Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanse or "Lemonade Diet" please take a moment to read what WebMD has to say. Read more...

    **Please consult your doctor before undergoing any detox, body cleansing, or diet program.

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    Recipe Tip - On the back of our Grade B gallon syrup jugs we provide an exceptional, easy recipe for Baked Apples, provided to us by our friends at Shearer Hill Farm bed & breakfast.

    *AK and HI - Due to the higher shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii we ship two 1/2 gallon syrup jugs. It's the same 128 oz. of pure Vermont maple syrup, simply in two plastic jugs instead of one, which can be shipped affordably. And, it allows you to open one jug while the second jug is stored in a cool place for later use.

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