Pure Maple Syrup Pint Can, MADE IN AMERICA, Pint Tin (16 oz.)
    Close Pure Maple Syrup Pint Can, MADE IN AMERICA, Pint Tin (16 oz.)

    Pure Maple Syrup Pint Can, MADE IN AMERICA, Pint Tin (16 oz.)

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    Natural maple color. Natural maple flavor. Just pure & natural maple syrup, sealed in accordance with Vermont Law. Our maple syrup is produced in northern Vermont and drop-shipped from our friends at MAPLE CITY CANDY. Pure maple syrup is delicious on everything from cold cereals to yams. At 50 calories per tablespoon it's a wonderful alternative to traditional white sugar and artificial sweeteners. Available in Grade A Light Amber or "Vermont Fancy", Grade A Medium Amber, and of course Grade B.


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    fancy grade Grade A Light Amber - Light golden amber color with delicate maple bouquet. Delightfully mild maple flavor, excellent on ice cream or on food which permits its subtle flavor to be appreciated - a gourmet choice, and the preferred grade for candies and other maple specialties.

    grade A medium amber Grade A Medium Amber - Medium amber color with a more distinct maple bouquet and rich taste. Most popular for all-around use.

    grade B Grade B - Often referred to as a cooking syrup, Grade B Syrup is a popular choice for those who enjoy a hearty, robust flavor. Grade B is also comparable to Grade A Dark Amber and Grade A Extra Dark.

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    Recipe Tip - This recipe was discovered on Once a Month Meals website, and if you're not hungry from just looking at the photo of this BBQ Bacon Apple Chicken in the Slow Cooker recipe, we'd be surprised. Not as good probably as Rick's recipe or pulled pork tequitos made using root beer soda, a slow cooker, and a little maple barbecue sauce, but still pretty good!

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