CHAMP - The Monster of all Chocolates
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    CHAMP - The Monster of all Chocolates

    Not your ordinary maple candy gift box!

    Please Note: We can not ship this item internationally, nor during the hot summer months of May through August.

    Not familiar with the legend of Champ? "Champ" is the name given to a reputed lake monster living in Lake Champlain. According to the legend and eye witness accounts, a lake monster dwells in the 125-mile long body of water that separates New York and Vermont.

    SPLASH! CHAMP - The Monster of all Chocolates is a PIECES OF VERMONT® exclusive chocolate candy product. The chocolate measures 3-1/2" in diameter by 5/8" thick, made of luscious monster green chocolate, lake blue chocolate, or down deep dark chocolate. Each chocolate is packaged in a food safe cellophane bag, individually boxed, and then re-boxed for safe delivery. Gather friends or family and enjoy a delicious monster chocolate treat! 2.75 oz.

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    Price: $4.95 each

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    ***Please note: This item is not available during June, July, and August due to hot summer heat. If you place an order during summer months, your order will simply ship in Sept. when temperatures are more moderate.

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