CHAMP - The Monster of all Maple Candy... It does exist!
    Close CHAMP - The Monster of all Maple Candy... It does exist!

    CHAMP - The Monster of all Maple Candy... It does exist!

    A MONSTROUS piece of candy!

    SPLASH! "CHAMP - The Monster of all Maple Candy"® is a PIECES OF VERMONT® exclusive Vermont maple sugar candy product. As plain maple candy it measures 3-1/2" in diameter by 5/8" thick. Fused to a patty of luscious dark chocolate to surround the base, CHAMP then measures a monstrous 4" in diameter and 3/4" thick. Chocolate and maple candy become one piece of delicious candy and easily a dessert for four. Gather friends or family and enjoy a monster treat!

    Net Wgt. Plain - 2.65 oz. With chocolate 4.15 oz.

    As for the taste... If you haven't had melt-in-your-mouth pure and natural Vermont maple candy fused to chocolate before, WOW, you're going to love it! Be one of the first to give someone this exciting one-of-a-kind maple sugar candy monster gift.

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    The Legend of Champ - Not familiar with Champ? Champ is the name given to a reputed lake monster living in Lake Champlain. According to the legend and eye witness accounts, a lake monster dwells in the 125-mile long body of water that separates New York and Vermont. Nobody knows for sure if the monster truly exists, but we believe it does! Learn more...

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    CHAMP Style

    Plain CHAMP (no chocolate), 2.65 oz.

    $5.95 each

    CHAMP combined with Dark Chocolate, 4.15 oz.

    $6.50 each

    Additional Info. -

    **Made in a facility that also produces products that contain; peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and wheat.

    Keeping the candy fresh - Our maple candy is made in small batches and shipped fresh with a 1-2 month shelf life, after which the candy is still eatable, but simply starts to harden. You can extend the shelf life by refrigerating CHAMP either in the original box, or by putting the candy in a Zip Lock bag.

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