Private Stock Cabot Cheese, 1 lb. brick - A notch above the rest!
    Close Private Stock Cabot Cheese, 1 lb. brick - A notch above the rest!

    Private Stock Cabot Cheese, 1 lb. brick - A notch above the rest!

    A refined Extra Sharp Cheddar

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    Cabot's Private Stock Vermont cheddar is hand-selected and aged up to 1-1/2 years, yielding a velvety texture and smooth cheddar. It's a notch above ordinary Extra Sharp cheddars. It's also a Vermont farmers' favorite. Private Stock is simply the best Extra Sharp around. Share it with close friends and family. Combine it with Smoke and Cure Summer Sausage for a delicious appetizer combination! 1 lb. brick

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    About Cabot Cheese - What can we say, except that Cabot is one of the most respected cheese companies, not just in Vermont, but the world over. Company origins date back to 1919 when a group of farmers from Cabot, Vermont banded together in hopes of marketing butter, utilizing their excess milk production. As they say, the rest is history. Today, Cabot is a leading producer of exceptional cheese. The company has state-of-the-art facilities and a savvy entrepreneurial spirit, along with timeless values and a trusted commitment to quality. And we haven't even mentioned all the cheese awards!

    Price: $14.95/brick

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    **Cabot cheese has special cheese coating wax, then wrapped in plastic to lock in peak flavor and ensure safe delivery.

    Please Note: During hot months it may require an insulated box and/or cold packs when ordering Vermont cheese, for an additional $4.00 packaging charge. This charge may be applied after we receive your order and determine where the cheese is shipping to, and current temperatures. We will notify you with a confirmation email if the additional hot weather packaging is necessary.

    Additionally, it is OK for the cold pack and cheese to arrive warm - it is not dry ice! Simply refrigerate the cheese upon arrival for at least an hour prior to cutting open - cheese contains water and chilling will reconstitute the cheese texture. Again, this is a normal process.

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