Old-fashioned Maple Syrup Log Cabin Tin, 8.45 oz.
    Close Old-fashioned Maple Syrup Log Cabin Tin, 8.45 oz.

    Old-fashioned Maple Syrup Log Cabin Tin, 8.45 oz.

    The Log Cabin Syrup we all love is back!


    This 8.45 oz. old-fashioned log cabin tin is filled with 100% pure Vermont maple syrup produced in northern Vermont. For quite some time this wonderful and very popular syrup container was unavailable. We simply couldn't find a supplier and what few tins were available in Vermont stores were lingering supplies that disappeared quickly. But we persisted and were able to eventually secure a good supply. The Log Cabin Syrup is back in stock, just in time for last minute holiday gift-giving! Better late then never. Order yours today and save the tin for refills for years to come!

    **Also available in the larger 16.9 oz. size, Click here...

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    News Update! Vermont has a new grading system. Vermont Fancy, Grade A Medium Amber, and Grade B have all been renamed. The new grading system has evolved to provide a more accurate description based on consumer preference.

    grade A medium amber Grade A: Amber Color with Rich Taste - Formerly known as "Grade A Medium Amber" or simply "Medium Amber" this grade is most popular as an all-around syrup and perfect choice if you're not sure which syrup grade to choose when giving maple syrup as a gift. Consider it a middle of the road grade, yet still having a distinctive maple bouquet.

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