Get FREE Maple Candy for an entire year!

Heres how... Everyone knows somebody. Sounds simplistic, right? Perhaps, but indulge us a moment to explain.

Years ago PIECES OF VERMONT® owner Rick Smith realized that he could not "farm out" the development of this website to an expensive website developer who would "nickel & dime" for every improvement, nor one of those DIY $3/month hosting outfits! Instead, he learned most of the behind-the-scenes technical stuff himself, and also found a small group of developers he could really trust. He wanted it done right.

"Too many 'website developers' are fine coders, but when it comes to marketing skills, they fall short. If a developer doesn't have both technical and marketing skills, then it's like hiring a car designer who's never driven a car."

Over the years a few business owners have trusted Rick when they too needed a website or a website revamped, and done right, with minimal cost, no hassles, along with useful online marketing advise. These relationships led to a secondary business developing, managing, and ultimately hosting websites for the Vermont Bowl Company (the premier manufacturer of wooden salad bowls in the United States), Carolina Cast Pro (surf-casting Champion Tommy Farmer), Bone Island Brewing (Award-winning brewmaster Jim Brady), and Paul Cotton POCO (Legendary Lead Guitarist, Lead Singer, Composer and Songwriter from POCO and ILLINOIS SPEED PRESS).


None of these business relations came about through cold calls or advertising. Word of mouth is how it happened. Someone knew somebody who needed help, a referral was made, a conversation was had, and a website that generates real results was created.

Here's where you come in...

Chances are you know someone starting a business or has a small business already, and needs a new website or a website overhaul because it's simply not living up to expectations. Refer them to Rick and if that business owner becomes another website client, then you'll be rewarded with FREE maple candy for 1 year. It's as simple as that! No gimmicks. No fine print.

12-piece maple candy box You'll receive a 12-piece box of 100% pure Vermont maple sugar candy, a $17.90 value/box (shipping included), FREE each month for a full year! That's 12 boxes (144 pieces) of delicious maple candy FREE just for suggesting to a friend, "Hey, why not give this guy a call?" Or, simply Email or call Rick yourself at 800-507-7721 to start the ball rolling.

Perhaps someone you know will be the next business owner who can look back and say, "That was a great decision!" And you'll be able to say, "I love this maple candy!"

Call or Email today!

  Get FREE Maple Candy for an entire year!
The Vermont Bowl Company
Bone Island Brewing
Paul Cotton
Carolina Cast Pro

"My website was out-dated and needed a serious overhaul. Rick started from scratch and designed a sleek, modern site that fits my needs perfectly. The new web-store is fantastic!! Sales are up and the feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks Rick!"
- Tommy Farmer, Owner (910-540-1668)