True Product Share

What's really happens when you click "Like"?

SAVE Every Time You Shop Have you ever wondered what really happens when you click on one of those blue "Like" buttons? Us too! Fact of the matter is, a lot of the time there really is no benefit to you or I other than the feeling that we "Like" something that perhaps other people do as well, or perhaps "Like" something that nobody else does - "Be the first". Sometimes though, your "Like" posts directly to your Facebook Timeline. This is wonderful for the website because more people will learn about what you've posted and the product your interested in, but what's in it for you? Generally there's no reward to you or I for essentially endorsing a particular product or website. But that's NOT the case here!

When you click on one of our blue "Share" buttons here's how you can turn that post into REAL SAVINGS every time you shop with us...

Step 1 Step 1 - Simple. When you find a product item on our site that you like and would like to share the product page with your friends and family by posting it on your Facebook Timeline, simply click on the blue "Share" button. This will activate a no obligation pop-up whereby you can also include a message along with the product image post. Rest assured that we do not capture any of your information in this process and in actuality we are not even aware of your post, aside from the fact that the number count next to the Share button has increased by 1.

Step 2 Step 2 - If you want to be rewarded for your post and join our exclusive True Product ShareTM Discount Club then simply click on the "Customer Service" link at the bottom of the page and
send us an email letting us know that you have Shared one of our product pages on your Facebook Timeline. You will have the option to provide us with a link to your Facebook page. Again, we do not add your email address to any lists or share you email address with any other businesses. You can opt-in to our Newsletter from the Customer Service page if you wish though. At this point you're done. Welcome aboard!

Step 3 Step 3 is us - Once we receive your email that you have Shared one of our product pages on your Facebook Timeline, one of our staff will visit your Facebook page to confirm and leave a "Thank You" comment. Next, you'll receive an Exclusive Coupon Code that you can use on every order with us. And! You can share it with your friends whenever you wish. Best of all, the percentage OFF or "discount" which you'll apply during CHECKOUT will increase as more and more people Share our product pages as well. Here's why...