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Maple Candies

When it started - We shipped our first maple sugar candy and Vermont gift baskets in early 2000 and since then PIECES OF VERMONT® has been instrumental in helping small businesses such as MAPLE CITY CANDY, a small, old-fashioned candy store in Northern, Vermont, generate online sales.

“MAPLE CITY CANDY store owner and candy-maker Chad Metayer has been an integral part of POVT's success, helping to develop our unique maple sugar candy shapes, as well as CHAMP - The Monster of all Maple Candy®, one of our first luxury pure maple candy shapes.” - Rick Smith

What makes us different? That's a great question. It doesn't take long searching the Internet to realize that everyone seems to be selling maple candy, but you will notice that it's all virtually the same candies that were being sold 25 years ago! Nothing new, no improvements, and though that's fine, we take our Vermont maple candy a bit more seriously. That's why when you shop our website you'll find candy shapes developed exclusively for our customers. Simply put, we make maple candy fun! If you're giving a gift and it's maple, you've come to the right website.

Maple Candy Pumpkins Candy improvements - Not only are we the premier website introducing new maple candy shapes such as our Halloween candies, but we're also making some improvements to our existing candies that others have not. For example, the large 1.5 oz. maple moose use to have shipping problems because the moose' nose was a bit too tall and would hit the underside of the box, causing melting issues during shipping. We found a temporary solution while we redesign the candy mold with a slightly reduced moose nose.

Similarly, we're also redesigning candy molds for the Giving Green for Critters frog feet, the mold for the maple candy Pilgrims, and soon the feet on the very popular Christmas maple candy Santa, to also make them more durable during shipping.

Best of all, regardless of whenever you contact PIECES OF VERMONT, you can rest assured that there’s someone on the other end of the wire ready to quickly respond to your questions or concerns.