Maple City Candy

Russel at Maple City Candy Store, Swanton Vermont

Maple City Candy Store, Swanton Vermont

MAPLE CITY CANDY and Gift Baskets by Kim MAPLE CITY CANDY & Gift Baskets by Kim

6 Brooklyn St., Swanton Vermont, 05488 - (802) 868-5400

About MPCC

When you visit the MAPLE CITY CANDY store in the fall, expect to be greeted out on the curb by "Russel" the friendly store scarecrow. Russel launches and ends the two month fall/Halloween fun at MAPLE CITY!

It's what you don't see in the store photo above that's most impressive. In the back of the store is a well-guarded secret - a maple sugar candy making process that has taken 20 years to perfect! Maple City Candy store owner Chad Metayer has spent the last 2 decades making maple candy, which is a tricky process if you want that perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture, as well as candy that can be shipped without melting. Much like how the Vermont Bowl Company guards their process for making the finest wooden bowls in the world, Maple City Candy protects its' sugar-making process with equal vigor. But there's more to this success story then just making great candy.

Back in 2007 PIECES OF VERMONT® (aka "POVT") owner Rick Smith was searching for a maple candy-maker to be one of the exclusive maple sugar candy producers for the website, one that would make candy that wouldn't dry out, but rather stay moist and undamaged during shipping. Chad drove from one end of the state to the other to meet and hear what Rick had to say, and that was the beginning of what would eventually become a long-term partnership.

In 2010 Maple City Candy co-owner Mary Metayer purchased the business of Gift Baskets by Kim from Kim & Jeff Dudley. For years Kim had worked closely with the Maple City Candy store because the store was just a short drive away. Kim also made all the Vermont gift baskets for PIECES OF VERMONT. The consolidation of the gift baskets business into the Maple City Candy store just made sense.

Then after further consolidation in late 2013 Maple City Candy became the sole producer of maple candy for POVT. Three pieces of a puzzle had come together, a facility that could produce outstanding candy, a Vermont gift baskets and specialty foods specialist under the same roof, and a system to generate online sales.

Currently POVT owner Rick Smith and Maple City Candy owners Mary & Chad Metayer are setting their sights on new product development, improving existing product ingredients, custom packaging development, and website systems enhancements. The future looks bright!