Frequently Asked Questions

When should I place my order?
Probably the most common question we get asked, particularly when it comes to maple wedding favors, is how far in advance should you place your order, both in terms of delivery timing and/or maple sugar candy freshness.

Though we can rush orders with as little as 1 week notice we prefer 2 weeks notice, particularly for maple candy because if we need to make the candies for your order that process alone can take 3 days. We do keep a fare amount of maple candies in stock at our Maple City Candy facility in Swanton, Vermont, but larger quantities are generally made to order. Assembling ribbons & tags for wedding favors is also a time-consuming process. Of course if your order is last minute and you require a rush delivery, we can make it happen! Simply give us a call and/or specify during checkout on the BILL/TO SHIP/TO page in the "Special Instructions" box that you need your order delivered by a particular date. We'll time the delivery accordingly.

In terms of maple candy freshness; First, Vermont maple syrup is non-perishable and can be ordered weeks, even months in advance. And if refrigerated our maple sugar candy will last several weeks, often longer. We make our candies with a slightly higher moisture content then other sugar candy-makers in order to extend shelf life before the candies start to dry out, turn white, and lose flavor. Though still completely edible, nobody wants whitish granular candies that are noticeably less flavorful. Our customers frequently report to us that our 100% pure maple candies are the best they've tasted!

What is the best maple syrup grade?
Over the years our customers have purchased more Grade B Maple Syrup (know known as "Grade A" pure maple syrup with "Dark Color with Robust Taste") then any other syrup grade.