About Us

How it all got started

Rick Smith, PIECES OF VERMONT Founder 1999: The business RES eCom, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Rick Smith who grew up in Grafton and Wilmington, Vermont, skied at Mount Snow ski resort for years and was an avid trout fisherman. He has two Bachelor Degrees; one in Mechanical Engineering and one in Information Technology. After a short career as a Manufacturing Engineer in the Aerospace Machining industry, Rick's life changed dramatically with a spinal cord injury, and he was forced to change careers.

"Life dealt me a pretty heavy blow and the career I loved as a Manufacturing Engineer, simply wasn't practical any longer. So, in 1999 I decided that since I was so familiar with Vermont, why not create a website to help some of Vermont's smaller businesses sell Vermont specialty foods, maple syrup products, and woodenware items over the Internet. I contracted a marketing firm who came up with the phrase PIECES OF VERMONT® as the most appropriate way to describe the services and products I intended to incorporate into the site. The web address www.PiecesOfVermont.com (POVT) was then registered, and after a 4 month development time, the website was launched and we started shipping orders from Vermont in early 2000." - Rick, Founder

2000 - 2014: Over the years the website has gone through several development phases and numerous revisions. Today the website holds it's own against larger Vermont Direct Mail Order businesses. The website is easily found in search engines, and maintains a reputation as a grass-roots website offering Vermont wares with 1-to-1 direct customer service.

Most recently we formed a long term relationship with MAPLE CITY CANDY of Swanton, Vermont as the exclusive maple sugar candy-maker for PIECES OF VERMONT. We are developing new gift boxes with maple candy shapes only available here, healthier real chocolate (as apposed to 'compound chocolate') Chocolate-Maple Candy gifts that you won't find from other Vermont merchants, along with improved/environmentally-responsible packaging materials. That's our goal!

PIECES OF VERMONT is your "go to" maple candy website, that's for sure, but we also have a wonderful relationship with the Vermont Bowl Company. Both websites were developed by and managed by Rick. When you need high quality, Made in America, wooden bowls, serving pieces, or wooden cutting boards please consider The Vermont Bowl Company. With very few exceptions, unlike other sites selling woodenware, they are NOT simply re-sellers but rather are the actual manufacturers. Made in Vermont items, shipped directly from their Wilmington, Vermont factory, just as they have since 1967.

PIECES OF VERMONT®, Maple City Candy, and The Vermont Bowl Company. Three sources for top notch gift and life-style items, made right here in the USA!