Lots of businesses in Vermont make and sell gift baskets, so why choose ours? Well, Gift Baskets by Kim owner Mary Metayer has been crafting delightful gift baskets for years. See, Mary is also the co-owner of MAPLE CITY CANDY and before she purchased the Gift Baskets by Kim business, she was crafting Vermont gift baskets for MAPLE CITY CANDY customers. She knows what people like, what works, and what doesn't work. She knows how to ship her gift baskets so that they arrive safely. Too many websites selling Vermont gift baskets are doing it, quite frankly for the holiday sales, but throughout the year it's not a cornerstone to their business. In our opinion that leads to problems. This is not the case with gift baskets created by Mary Metayer and her small dedicated staff who will create the best possible gift, shipped in a professional manner, every day of the year. Mary loves making gift baskets and it's as important to her as it is to you.

Vermont Gift Baskets